2021 Season Tickets – South Stand

Widnes Vikings would like to reveal updated information regarding South Stand Season Tickets for 2021, with changes in place due to government guidelines.

Initially the South Stand will be closed to supporters in order to assist with social distancing guidelines and to protect the safety of staff, players and supporters.

The South Stand will only re-open in the event that social distancing measures are no longer enforced, with supporters then allowed to reallocate back to the South Stand.

For 2021 only, the South Stand will be unallocated unlike previous seasons in the event that it is reopened, however renewing supporters are still able to reserve their usual seat for when the stand returns to allocated seating.

All existing South Stand Season Ticket holders who donated their refund back to the club in 2020 and have renewed in 2021 will have their seat reserved for the 2022 campaign. In the event that the South Stand reopens to supporters during the 2021 season it will be unallocated for this season only, before returning to normal in 2022 if possible.

Supporters who purchase a South Stand Season Ticket will be rehoused in the North or West Stand for fixtures which require social distancing to be observed, before returning to the South Stand and the nearest available opportunity.

If you are a new South Stand Season Ticket holder, once the Stand is re-opened in 2021 it will be unallocated for one season only, before returning to allocated seating in 2022. In the event that you renew for 2022 and that social distancing measures are no longer in place, you will be able to select an available seat.

If you have any questions relating to the South Stand, please email [email protected].

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