Schools Programme

As an established Community Department, we have worked with schools across the District for a number of years with strong success.

We understand the challenges schools may face: staff absence, limited PE support, disengaged students, alongside behavioural and attainment issues.

Through our team of highly experienced coaches and teaching assistants, we offer a range of programmes to help keep pupils healthy, active, engaged with learning and support their wellbeing..

The Foundation currently works with a range of Primary schools delivering multi-sport and dance based projects for boys and girls of all ages and abilities.

We also help tackle obesity, improve healthy living and deliver a physical activity strategy. Our sessions link to the mandatory ‘health and relationships’ curriculum subject and can help support your new/existing framework.

Crucially, we are also able to help complete any necessary school risk assessments and comply with existing ones. All our staff have up to date Enhanced DBS clearance, carried with them at all times.


Benefits of our delivery model:

· Provides a multi-sport and/or dance, approach across academic terms and all years.

· Progression over time for the whole pupil

· Helps shape your PE strategy

· Offers teacher feedback

· Improves physical literacy for pupils

· Moving safely, imaginatively, and with confidence

· Moving with bodily control, coordination, flexibility and balance

· Development of spatial awareness

· Development of large motor skills

· Experiencing a range of gross motor movements and fine motor movements

· Keeping healthy; dance as part of a healthy lifestyle

· Offers CPD for dance to existing or new school staff



Clubs can take place in the mornings, at lunchtime, or after school and are often ‘bolted on’ to curriculum delivery. They can be organised over a half term, term, or increasingly, a full academic year.

Our popular after-school sessions typically run for an hour post-school day and can be funded by the schools or chargeable to parents. We accept bookings directly and look after all the administration and data for schools.

Lunchtime sessions run during your school’s break and can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, for example, we could work with two different groups in half an hour slots.

We can run clubs for any age group within your school or provide sessions for targeted groups such as inactive children or school team