Vikings Pub Quiz – All Time Widnes 17

Our latest Vikings Pub Quiz is here, a Friday afternoon quiz testing your knowledge of Widnes Vikings.

Each edition will bring you a quiz on all things Widnes Vikings, with our latest quiz today testing how well you can remember some of the players featured in our All Time Widnes 17 vote!

We are asking you to answer questions based on stats that we have revealed to you over the past seven weeks, with the time set at five minutes.

Enter the surname of the player you think matches up to the statement about them, and if it is correct it will appear next to the statement.

Take on our latest Vikings Pub Quiz below by clicking on the green button which reads ‘PLAY’, and see how much you can remember from the last seven weeks.

Let us know via social media how many questions you get right, and look out for our next Vikings Pub Quiz.