Refund Forms sent to Season Ticket holders

Widnes Vikings have this week emailed out forms to Season Ticket holders who have requested a refund.

Forms are to be printed out, completed and returned to the Club Shop, located within Widnes Market, or to the DCBL Stadium via post – along with all Season Ticket cards you are requesting a refund for.

The reason the form isn’t available to fill out online is to protect supporters from potential fraudulent claims, which is why Season Ticket cards are required as proof that you are financially responsible for the Season Tickets you are requesting a refund for.

Our Club Shop is open on Saturdays only, from 9am until 4pm, or if you are returning your form via post please address it to: Widnes Vikings, Halton Stadium, Lower House Lane, Widnes, WA8 7DZ.

If you are yet to receive your Season Ticket refund form via email, please check your junk/spam folder, and in the event that the email has still not arrived please contact the club on [email protected]

If you didn’t receive the Season Ticket survey or missed the deadline to fill it out, please contact the club on [email protected] with your decision and the VS numbers of all relevant Season Tickets.

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