Workout of the Day – 30/3/20

Widnes Vikings can announce the launch of our ‘Workout of the Day’ sessions, which are free to all and are aimed at keeping our local community physically active and mentally fit.

Each weekday, you will be able to find a FREE workout session on all of the club’s social media platforms and website, with an accompanying video explaining how to perform each exercise.

This is part of our new initiative aimed at encouraging our local community to remain physically and mentally active during the current circumstances, while providing opportunities to socialise using technology.

This is a difficult time for our local community and Rugby League community, and with the majority of us confined to our home for the foreseeable future it will be easy to let physical activity levels drop. It is important that we don’t allow this to happen though, and we will be giving you the tools to remain active despite the current circumstances.

While we may be unable to visit the gym, take advantage of physical education sessions at school or head to our local community club for a training session, there are still ways we can all stay fit and healthy within our home.

All of our sessions will be aimed at those with limited equipment and of all fitness levels, with all of our exercises including different variations to reduce difficulty and still give you a good workout.

You can find our latest Workout of the Day below, along with our accompanying video to explain how you can take part in today’s challenge.

If you take part, make sure you send us a message via social media to let us know how you got on.