Vikings Pub Quiz – Simon Finnigan

Our latest Vikings Pub Quiz is here, a Friday afternoon quiz testing your knowledge of Widnes Vikings.

Each edition will bring you a quiz on all things Widnes Vikings, with our latest quiz today testing how well you can remember the playing career of our new head coach, Simon Finnigan.

Simon was announced as the club’s new head coach on Wednesday, returning to the Halton Stadium after two spells as a player.

You have five minutes to answer all 10 multiple choice questions on Finnigan’s playing career, with questions ranging from the year he debuted for the club to how many appearances he made.

Take on our latest Vikings Pub Quiz below by clicking on the green button which reads ‘PLAY QUIZ’, and see how many questions you can answer correctly.

Let us know via social media how many questions you get right, and look out for our next Vikings Pub Quiz.