The Vikings Longhouse will be in operation on Sunday and in 2024 it has been sponsored by the club’s main sponsor, DCBL.

This season will see a new feature added with a different past player making an appearance each game, where they will be interviewed on stage pre-match.

On Sunday, Paddy Flynn will be the first one to kick off the Past Player Profile and this will take place at 13.20 in the Longhouse.

Entrance remains free to all and is via the Stadium Fitness entrance to the stadium.

Longhouse Schedule
12.30 – DCBL Longhouse and bar open
13.00 – Pop Up Shop opens
13.20 – Past Player Profile – Paddy Flynn
13.30 – Music from Liam Hillyer
14.00 – Vikings team announced
14.15 – Music from Liam Hillyer
14.45 – Prepare for kick-off
16.50 – Post-match Presentations – Man of the Match / Champagne Moment
17.00 – Music from Liam Hillyer
17.45 – Post-match thoughts from Allan Coleman
17.55 – Raffle Drawn
18.00 – Music from Liam Hillyer
19.00 – DCBL Longhouse closes