Widnes Vikings to hold free Summer Camps

We will be holding free Summer Camps for children from School Year 1 age up to Year 8 for five weeks throughout the summer holidays at the DCBL Stadium.

The camps, supported by Halton Borough Council and Holiday Activity Fund are a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in sport and physical activity.

The five-week camps will take the form of a rugby league pre-season, with the first week to focus on movement aptitude including an assessment of the children’s fundamental movement and sport skills providing on overview of their physical literacy.

The second week will then focus on sport-specific skills, with a ball work and specific drills introduced with the aim of improving the children’s rugby-related abilities.

Week three will consist of multi-sports activities as the children widen their skill base by practising other sports.

Each year group will compete in a sports day on their usual scheduled day in the fourth week, where children compete against each other across the different sports they have practised so far.

The fifth and final week will consist of a Rugby League World Cup-style tournament where each group of children will represent their group with special prizes up for grabs.

Free packed lunches will be provided to all children each day of the camps. Children are asked to bring boots suitable for the pitch and a water bottle.

You can book your child onto any of the sessions for their age group but must book separate places on each session to do so.

Places can be booked free of charge and are now available via our online booking system. Click the button below to book your place on one or more of the days, but only for the allotted time for your child’s relevant year group.

We kindly ask that you only book a place if you are definitely going to attend, so that we are able to provide the correct amount of free meals as well as allowing as many children as possible the opportunity to come along. Places are limited to 100 children per session.

The timetable will be as follows, with all sessions to take place of a morning. Drop off will be at 8.30am and pick-up will be at 12pm, with children to be dropped off at the car park of the DCBL Stadium.

Both boys and girls are welcome at all sessions apart from the specified girls sessions, which are specifically for girls of Secondary School age.

Parents are asked to book their child a place based on their current School Year rather than the School Year they are going into in September.

Parents are asked to provide any medical or allergy information of their children via the booking system so that we can make appropriate arrangements regarding the meals.

If you have any further questions regarding the camps, please contact cherylm@widnesvikings.co.uk.

 Date & Year Group    
Monday 25th July – Y1 & 2  1st August – Girls 8th August – Y1 & 2  15th August – Y3 & 4 22nd August – Y5 & 6
Tuesday 26th July – Y3 & 4  2nd August – Y7 & 8  9th August – Y3 & 4 16th August – Y5 & 6 23rd August – Y7 & 8
Wednesday 27th July – Y5 & 6  3rd August – Y5 & 6  10th August – Y5 & 6 17th August – Y7 & 8 24th August – Y1 & 2
Thursday 28th July – Y7 & 8  4th August – Y3 & 4  11th August – Y7 & 8 18th August – Y1 & 2 25th August – Y3 & 4
Friday 29th July – Girls  5th August – Y1 & 2  12th August – Y1 & 2 19th August – Y3 & 4