Vikings launch physical and mental health activities

Widnes Vikings will be launching a new initiative aimed at helping our community increase their level of physical activity, build their mental fitness and create means of social contact for those who are isolated.

From this week onwards, the club will be reaching out to all schools, community clubs and members of the public in the local area to offer physical activity sessions which can be performed at home. All of these sessions will adhere to government guidelines surrounding social distancing and hygiene, and cut down none-essential travel by giving you the chance to perform exercise at home and stay healthy.

This is a difficult time for our local community and Rugby League community, and with the majority of us confined to our home for the foreseeable future it will be easy to let physical activity levels drop. It is important that we don’t allow this to happen though, and we will be giving you the tools to remain active despite the current circumstances.

While we may be unable to visit the gym, take advantage of physical education sessions at school or head to our local community club for a training session, there are still ways we can all stay fit and healthy within our home.

All of our sessions will be aimed at those with limited equipment and of all fitness levels, with all of our exercises including different variations to reduce difficulty and still give you a good workout.

People of all ages can get involved, as we aim to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of our local community as a thank you for everything you have done for our club.

While creating a library of exercises and workouts, we will also endeavour to produce ‘live’ sessions on our social media channels throughout the week to give you a chance to join in at home.

Along with physical activity sessions, we will be distributing online packs which include Vikings related activities aligned to the National Curriculum, giving children the chance to improve their numeracy and literacy skills. All of these activities can be utilised by teachers who are working with children of key workers, while also being sent home to parents who are looking to keep their children occupied and learning while their unable to attend school.

Finally, we’re hoping to create new ways of social interaction with, and between, our fans while self-isolating and working from home. A lot of our supporters and members of our local community may be feeling detached at the moment, as they are spending time alone in order to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

As a club, we are working on a number of ideas to help bring our supporters and community together from the comfort of their home, while helping those who may be affected by being in isolation.

During these uncertain times it is important that we all come together as a community to not only look after each other, but also look after ourselves. As a big part of the Widnes, Halton and Rugby League community, we are going to do all we can to support as many people as possible and use our resources to help keep the community physical and mentally fit.

If any of the above initiatives are of interest to you, then please sign up to our mailing list using the below link to receive all of our information in the coming days and weeks. Please note that if you are already receiving emails from the club, you will still need to sign up again using the below link.

Our exercise library will also be accessible via YouTube, and we will be posting as much content as possible across our social media platforms and our website.