Supporter safety information

As part of the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in England, fans are advised to familiarise themselves with the changes applied at the dcbl Stadium, Halton.

Widnes Vikings in partnership with Halton Borough Council ask that spectators who have purchased a ticket and are planning to attend fixtures at the dcbl Stadium, Halton read the following information carefully and we ask that you comply with the various new rules and guidelines before, during and after the match.

If you are currently required to isolate under government guidelines or show any symptoms of COVID-19, you must not attend the match.  Further guidance can be found on the government website.


Halton Borough Council recommends that everyone should take a regular Lateral Flow Device test to make sure you’re not potentially spreading the virus without knowing. We are encouraging anyone attending any fixture at the dcbl Stadium, Halton to take a test the day before the game, and again two and five days after the match, to ensure you continue to be symptom free.  


Arriving at the Stadium

  • You are required by law to wear a face covering in all indoor areas of the Stadium unless exempt.
  • On arrival at the Stadium, please ensure that you comply with the requests of our safety and stewarding team at all times.  They are there for your safety and the safety of those around you.
  • We will still be required to carry out our usual entry security checks ahead of you accessing the turnstiles.  Again, please comply with our safety and stewarding teams instructions.
  • We respectfully ask that you do not bring bags to the stadium, this will help to reduce the time spent queuing at the turnstiles. No alcohol may be brought into the stadium.
  • When queuing to access, inside the stadium or when leaving, please be respectful of others and be mindful that other supporters may still wish to observe social distancing.
  • When walking up or down steps, gangways or vomitories please ensure that you keep to the left and give priority to those coming down the steps and allow them to pass.
  • Once inside the stadium we would encourage you to make your way to your seats as soon as possible.
  • We appreciate that it is highly likely that supporters wishing to access their seats or leave their seats will need to pass in front of spectators. This action of course makes maintaining social distancing more difficult. We ask that supporters mitigate risks by wearing a face covering in this situation, and turn their back as they move past other spectators, in order to avoid face-to-face contact.  


  • The turnstiles will open 1.5 hours before kick-off and we encourage fans to arrive as early as possible.
  • Please note there will be no content on the screens in the concourse areas, these screens will carry signage and safety messages.
  • Additional signage will be displayed throughout the stadium with instructions and information relating to ensuring spectator safety.
  • This information will also be carried on the scoreboard, concourse screens – while additional information will be broadcast over the public address system throughout the match.
  • On the final whistle, fans may choose to remain in the stadium bowl to stagger their departure and should follow the requests of the safety and stewarding team at all times.


  • When using the toilets please follow the guidance on display, observe social distancing and use the handwashing and sanitisation facilities available.  Members of the safety and stewarding team will monitor occupancy levels of toilets and you may be asked to wait for others to use the facilities.

Spectator Code of Conduct COVID-19

In order to assist our staff and stewards, and to help protect you and your fellow spectators, you are kindly requested to follow these guidelines. 

  1. Do not attend the stadium if you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19
    1. High Temperature or
    1. New Continuous Cough or
    1. Loss of taste or smell
  2. Be aware that your temperature might be taken before entry
  3. Be aware that you are required to wear a face covering/mask in all indoor areas of the Stadium
  4. Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary entry procedures. 
  5. Remain in your seat or place at all times whenever possible. 
  6. Be respectful of others, who may still wish to socially distance from others.
  7. When moving past other spectators, to and from your seat, please avoid face-to-face contact with other spectators. 
  8. Maintain good hand hygiene – use the sanitiser dispensers provided and avoid touching your face whenever possible. 
  9. Please observe respiratory etiquette – always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze. 
  10. Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with people where possible.
  11. Take extreme care when shouting, singing or celebrating. 
  12. If you are attending with other fans, please make sure they have read and understood these guidelines too.

Thank you for your support and co-operation. Stay alert. Stay safe.

Help us all – your fellow fans, your club, your sport, your community.

This Spectator Code of Conduct is to be read in conjunction with the dcbl Stadium, Halton Ground Rules & Regulations.