Board Statement Regarding VIQI

Board Statement Regarding VIQI

12th July 2019

A statement from Widnes Vikings’ Board of Directors…

“As a Board, we were overwhelmed by the level of support given to Widnes Vikings following the club’s spell in administration, including the unbelievable backing we received from VIQI during those days. 

Vikings Quids In (VIQI) has had an association with Widnes Vikings for almost 20 years, and has helped to support the signing and retention of a number of players during their involvement with the club. These have included the likes of Martin Crompton from the early outset, as well as more recently with NRL stars Corey Thompson and Chris Houston. 

During administration at the start of 2019, the number of supporters involved and investing in VIQI spiralled to a unprecedented number of almost 1,500 Members, opening up a revenue stream with the potential to shape the club’s future. 

Since the takeover, Jason Shaw and those involved with VIQI have been working hard to ensure the right plans and Board Members were in place before moving forward. 

Once these plans had been finalised, the club and VIQI have been working closely to build the best relationship for both parties. 

On the back of this, the club has received money from VIQI to buy shares onto the board, and is the first time that the club has had fan representation at an executive level at Widnes Vikings.

Then, VIQI gratefully co-ordinated the cash injection to the club from the GoFundMe page, originally set up for general donations during the time of administration, and was one of the many factors that helped push the club towards survival. 

Finally, the club was delighted to recently receive the latest donation of £72,000, which has been generated through the monthly memberships of VIQI from the club’s loyal and outstanding fanbase. 

Following the confirmation of these details, we believe that it is important for us to be open and transparent with you, on all matters surrounding our club. 

Therefore, we can confirm that the money that has been generated by VIQI has not been utilised to pay off outstanding debt for the club or on operational costs of Widnes Vikings. 

With the club’s recent announcement of returning to a part-time playing squad at first team level for 2020, it is imperative that we as a club look to secure the best possible squad Widnes Vikings can recruit for next season at the earliest possible opportunity. 

One of VIQI’s most important remits, and always has been, is to help supplement the recruitment and retaining of players for the first team squad. 

With this money being passed over to the club from VIQI, it allows the chance for the club to start that process and begin to build a squad that can challenge towards the upper echelons of the table from the 2020 season. 

As we begin the rebuild of our playing squad, there may become opportunities for members of the current squad to remain a Viking for 2020 and beyond. 

This is by no means a quick solution, but conversations between the club and players will continue to take place over the coming months. 

Your continued investment into VIQI will have a massive impact on this, and will prove integral to the rebuilding of our squad for next year. 

Lastly, the Board of Directors at Widnes Vikings would like to go on record and personally thank each and every member of VIQI for their continued support of the club. 

The level of support that we have seen from you since the turn of the year has been breath-taking, and the way in which the club has been reinvigorated in recent months has given the whole club a drive to be as successful as it can be moving forward. 

Widnes Vikings would not be where we are today without your unrivalled support of our club. With the club entering a new era for 2020, your support is as vital and as important as ever before, and we hope that you continue on this journey with us, back to where Widnes Vikings belong."

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Board Statement Regarding VIQI