Members Monday Update

Members Monday Update

3rd June 2019

Further details of tonight’s Members Monday event can be confirmed, with a 7:00pm start at the Halton Stadium.  

Widnes Vikings’ Chief Executive, Phil Finney, will be addressing attendees on the night and updating them on all things Vikings related.

Firstly, Phil will discuss in further details the options the club has moving forward into 2020. This was briefly mentioned at the previous event, and Phil will go into more detail as to the possible ways the club can move forward. 

Secondly, Phil will speak about the ‘special measures’ the club is currently operating under. He will talk about what this means, how long the club has been under this, and how, if possible, the club can get out of the special measures.

Then, the Academy system will be next on the agenda, and the financial viability of running a youth system moving forward. Lastly, Phil will speak about other club funding, and the different sources and challenges we face looking ahead to 2020.

Following this, Phil will be on hand to answer any questions from the floor that attendees may have, with all topics available to discuss. May's Try of the Month will also be decided on the night. 

Tickets for the evening in the Bridge Suite at the Halton Stadium for 2019 Members are priced at just £5, and iare available to purchase on the night at the Halton Stadium. Places will be limited for the evening, and tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 

Season Ticket holders will need to bring proof of their membership to attend. VIQI or WISSL members will need to show proof of memberships to their supporter groups. 

Members Monday Update