Members Monday Update

Members Monday Update

1st April 2019

We can provide further updates to tonight’s first ‘Members Monday’ event, as Roy Basnett and Mark Naughton confirmed as hosting the evening, with tickets still available up until 7:00pm tonight. The event takes place between 7:00pm-9:00pm.

The pair, who have been involved with the Vikings for a number of years, will host the inaugural event as a way of continuing the engagement between the club and its supporters since the start of the 2019 season. This initiative is also designed to reward the club’s members, VIQI members and WISSL members as a thank you for their loyal support this season. 

The event, which takes places between 7:00pm-9:00pm will take the form of a standard fans' forum, and allows supporters to be updated on all things Widnes, both on and off the field, as the club works it way through the rest of the year.

Attending the evening will be the club’s new Board of Directors, who will all give an individual introduction to the audience about themselves before taking questions from the attending supporters. See below for a quick snapshot on each Director ahead of the event...

Chris Price - Owner of local business, Landscape World. Chris is Widnes through and through, and has lived and worked in Widnes, along with supporting the club all of his life. Chris is a devoted family man, and lives with his wife and two sons. Originally part of the first consortium before the collapse, and was a driving force in seeing the current Board come together. 

Jason Shaw - Another member of the board that has watched Widnes his whole life, and is a Chartered Engineer along with being the co-founder of Vikings Quids In (VIQI). Jason highlights the club's 1989 World Club Challenge victory, as his personal highlight following the club. Jason has a wife and two children, who all follow and support the club with him. Was a key member of the group that helped to save the club through VIQI. 

Roger Harrison MBE - Roger, who has been involved with the Vikings through a number of different ways, is another member of the Board who is Widnes through and through. Having supported the club since 1954, Roger has seen it all at the club, and now takes on a role, alongisde the other Board members, to see the club into a new chapter. Roger, who was been involved with the Vikings Sports Foundation as a trustee and is the President of the Widnes Vikings Development Squad. 

Tracey Glendinning - Tracey Glendinning is a loving mother of four. Tracey was introduced to Widnes Rugby League through her husband and father-in-law 26 years ago, emphasising her ties to the club. Tracey, who carries a background in sales and education, has made a success of herself as a property developer, and will be looking to bring some of her success to Widnes Vikings.

David Dean - The father of Vikings first team star, Chris Dean, David made his own career path in sport as a famous motorbike racer. David is a family man, with a wife, children and grandchildren, whilst still travelling to the Isle of Man to fuel his love of motor racing. 

Rod Steele -  Born just a few hundred yards away from Naughton Park, Rod has been a supporter of the Vikings his whole life. Despite moving away from Widnes in his early 20s, Rod has followed the club home and away, in England and abroad, ever since the move. After turning up at the stadium during the fundraising efforts following the confirmation administration, and seeing the emotion and efforts during the day, Rod was left with one option of offering his support to the consortium, and is delighted to be a part of this Board. 

Stuart Murphy - Director & shareholder in a number of businesses covering Management Consultancy, Demolition & Asbestos Removal and Geotechnical Consultancy. A Rugby League fan that sponsors many local teams and became involved in Widnes on hearing Administration news. I spend my spare time with my 15 year old son or cycling. 

Peter Morris -  Peter is a qualified Accounting Technician but originally trained as a graduate teacher and has worked at Bramwell Morris for 30 years. Peter has three adult children, and has a wide interest in sport, taking active part in the Widnes Vikings, sailing and triathlon. Peter, along with Roger Harrison, is a trustee of the Vikings Sport Foundation.

Widnes Vikings Chief Executive, Phil Finney, will also be in attendance on the night. Phil will answer questions from Roy and Mark regarding the challenges the club faces for the remainder of the season, before talking about the goals for 2019 following our return to 0 points. Following this, questions from the audience will then be allowed for Phil to answer. 

Members of the Vikings’ first team squad will also be present on the evening, as the winner of the club’s first Try of the Month competition will be revealed. 

The evening will also act as a way of fundraising for the club. With a number of requests from supporters offering their help to the club following the takeover, the Board of Directors and Phil Finney will speak on the evening of ways you can support the club in sustaining Widnes Vikings in the coming months. 

Tickets for the evening at the Halton Stadium for 2019 Members are priced at just £5, with a raffle ticket included in the price.

With tickets selling well, places are very limited for the evening. Season Ticket holders will need to quote their VS numbers, or proof they are a member, when securing their place for the evening. VIQI or WISSL members will need to show proof of memberships to their supporter groups.

At this time, the club can only take cash payments, so head down to the Halton Stadium and secure your seat for the first event!




Firstly, all members of VIQI will have received an email confirmation for the setup of their Direct Debit Instruction to GoCardless, this can be used as proof of your membership.

Alternatively, anyone who may have mislaid this information, can and request a copy from the go cordless system.

Additionally anyone who is still paying via the previous VIQI standing order method can quote their bank reference number as it appears on their bank statement.

Members Monday Update