WISSL to hold AGM

WISSL to hold AGM widnesvikings.co.uk

15th March 2019

A message from Widnes Independent Supporters Society Limited…

Widnes Independent Supporters Society Limited (WISSL) would like to invite all fans of the club to our AGM at the Parklands starting at 7pm on Monday 18th March, following the exciting and nervous few weeks we have all just been through. Like you we are excited for the future under the new board and are happy to be working with them, VIQI and all other groups whose aim is to strengthen and grow the club we love.

As a democratically elected supporters group, we need to appoint a committee to run the group and fill the positions needed to do so. Any current members are welcome to put forward nominations by Sunday 17th to liz@learncurve.co.uk.

We will also be inviting any new members to sign up before 7pm for an introductory fee of £1, which must be paid by cash and not via card.

Once that process is complete we will move into the AGM which starts with short reports on the previous years activities.

We will then be opening up the floor to our members to get your ideas about how you think we can best support the club. These will then be used by the new board to draft a proposal document that sets out your ideas on ways that we can help the club, through fundraising events and volunteering, that can be discussed with representatives from the new Board.

Finally, we will be drawing the raffle prizes for tickets we sell on the night which will include club memorabilia that has been kindly donated by the club to support our efforts, some of these have been donated during that turbulent period when we, the fans, helped save our great club.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday night – WISSL.

WISSL to hold AGM widnesvikings.co.uk