2019 Women's Team

2019 Women's Team widnesvikings.co.uk

8th March 2019

On #InternationalWomensDay, Widnes Vikings are delighted to bring you our 2019 Women's team and fixtures for the coming season.

The Widnes Vikings women's team were formed in 2018, taking part in the Championship alongside the likes of Wakefield Trinity and Hull FC. After a solid first season, the women's side will be looking to build on that moving into this season.

Some of the women's side have already been snapped up for sponsorship, but if you are interested, please contact Liam Clark on liamc@widnesvikings.co.uk.

Our 2019 Women's squad is as follows:

Georgina Barnard

Olivia Barnard

Catherine Bazley-Harrison

Jane Bazley-Harrison

Sarah Bazley-Harrison

Amy Bennett

Lydia Binsteed

Emma Dobson

Katie Dolan

Chelsey Fairclough

Demi-Lea Fisher

Abbie Flanagan

Laura Godwyn-Outten

Sian Godwyn-Outten

Laura Hankinson

Megan Jackson

Wendy Johnson

Abigail Latchford

Charlie Magraw

Nina Martin

Jazzmine Mason

Olivia Miah

Jennifer Moss

Casey Naylor

Juliet Porter

Nicholette Postlethwaite

Hannah Quirk

Chloe Richardson

Holly Robb

Katie Smith

Sarina Tamou

Coaches: Andy Sheridan and David Doyle.


The 2019 Widnes Vikings fixtures are as follows:

Round 1 - Huddersfield Giants (H) - 7th April 2019

Round 2 - Warrington Wolves (A) - 14th April 2019

Round 3 - Oulton Raidettes (A) - 28th April 2019

Round 4 - Hull FC (H) - 12th May 2019

Round 5 - Barrow (A) - 2nd June 2019

Round 6 - Stanningley (H) - 30th June 2019

Round 7 - Leigh Miners Rangers (A) - 21st July 2019

Round 8 - Huddersfield Giants (A) - 4th August 2019

Round 9 - Warrington Wolves (H) - 11th August 2019

Round 10 - Oulton Raidettes (H) - 18th August 2019

Round 11 - Hull FC (A) - 1st September 2019

Round 12 - Barrow (H) - 8th September 2019

Round 13 - Stanningley (A) - 15th September 2019

Round 14 - Leigh Miners Rangers (H) - 29th September 2019

2019 Women's Team widnesvikings.co.uk