Stronghold Packs Update

Stronghold Packs Update

20th December 2018

Widnes Vikings would like to issue an update on the availability of 2019 Membership Cards and complimentary Stronghold Member Calendar.

There have been a number of delays encountered during the production of the calendar which have impacted the availability of the gift. The club are aware that many Stronghold Memberships are purchased as Christmas gifts and as such have strived to ensure that both the card and calendar can be distributed together.

The company that have produced the calendar have worked with the Vikings for over a decade, producing many aspects of print and merchandise. During this time, they have never failed to deliver top quality products within the agreed timeframes.

Unfortunately, in this instance, they have faced a number of major challenges that have been out of their control, and this has resulted in the delivery date being delayed by almost eight weeks.

The club has stressed the importance of having this product available prior to Christmas, and currently has a commitment that the calendars will be delivered on the morning of Monday 24th December. We understand that this is not ideal, and have pushed tirelessly to have the product available for the weekend, but unfortunately this is simply not possible.

A statement will be made via all of the club's media streams the minute the product arrives and is available for collection. As a result of this the opening hours for the Vikings Superstore, located within Tesco Extra Widnes, have been extended from the original 11am-3pm to 9am-5pm.

2019 Stronghold Membership Cards are available to collect from store with immediate effect if you would like to collect them now and obtain your calendar at a later date.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and will keep you updated as and when we know more.

Stronghold Packs Update