Adam Tangata's First Interview

Adam Tangata's First Interview

16th October 2018

As revealed exclusively to Viking Stronghold Members, Widnes Vikings announced the signing of Adam Tangata on a two-year deal for the 2019 season. The Vikings Media Team caught up with Adam after signing the deal to get his thoughts on the move…


Adam, welcome to the club, can you give us your immediate thoughts on making the Vikings the next step in your career?

“I’m excited to sign, and its a great opportunity for me to come and play for Widnes. This is a club that is family-orientated and is ready made to rebuild and progress.

“To be in this environment, in a full-time capacity, is something I can’t wait to start and I’m looking forward to getting pre-season underway. 

“For myself personally, I needed a new challenge in my career and I am truly grateful for this opportunity."


You were extremely popular with the Halifax supporters both on the field and in the community during your time there. Are you looking to make a similar impact with the supporters at the Halton Stadium?

“Having spoken with James Rule and heard that the club is placed at the heart of the community, I was delighted. That is where I think every club should be. Whilst I was at Halifax, I was big on making an impact both on and off the field and being a part of the community, so I want to continue doing the same here.  

“James told me about this club and what he said was great. It’s a family club where everybody feels involved and that’s what I’m about. Personally, I’m a proud person and that’s what I base myself around. 

“I don’t have a mindset of how I want to be or how I will act when I get to Widnes, it comes from within and is all about being yourself. I’ve always been big on making sure you’re a part of the community you’re entering and finding out where the club has been and where it wants to get to, and I’m looking forward to embracing everything Widnes has. 

“For myself to be given the chance to be a small part of a club like Widnes, with the history it has behind it, I’m extremely grateful to be handed this opportunity. I’m a proud person, and for someone who has come from where I have, to be given these kind of opportunities is truly overwhelming.”


How did you get into rugby league, and how much do you enjoy playing the sport?

“Growing up, I mostly played rugby union. When I was young, rugby league wasn’t big in the Cook Islands in my junior years, and it was only when I went to Australia at 19/20 with the Canberra Raiders, and had a trial there that I really took to the sport.

“Rugby league has given me so much. For myself, moving from the Cook Islands to go to Australia and New Zealand to play and train was a great opportunity for me. It has given me the chance to represent my country at the 2013 World Cup, and allowed me to come to the UK, and made me realise the place that I wanted to be and play my rugby was in England. 

“I’ll be forever be thankful to rugby league for opening those doors for me and handing me the pathway I’ve walked. If it wasn’t for rugby league, I don’t know where I’d be.”


You also represented your country at the World Cup, tell us how that felt?

“Playing in the World Cup for my country was probably my biggest achievement to date. I was born and raised there, and I’m a proud Cook Islander, so to represent them was a huge moment for me. I’ve been given some great moments in sport, but that is probably my biggest so far.”


For Widnes fans who may not have seen you play, can you explain what type of player our supporters can expect?

“It’s a tough question for me to answer, and to speak about myself. However, I think of myself to be a physical defender and a strong carrier of the ball but most of all, I’m a big believer in teamwork. Everything I do on the field is for the team around and the people involved with this club. I will always aim to give my all and put my best foot forward for the supporters who come to watch us every week.”


Can you give us an insight into what to expect for the club moving back into the Championship? What is that league like ahead of 2019?

“It’s a strong league, with a lot of tough teams in it. We’ve seen that evident in the Qualifiers with London getting promoted, and we need to be ready. We need to make sure that we’re together as a team, as there are some places that you go to in this league that you need that bond between you. The pitches aren’t like the ones at Wembley, it’s a physical battle and you need to dig deep.  

“What Widnes have had in the past, that I’ve experienced when coming as the opposition, is that it’s a ground that players don’t like coming to and playing. We need to keep that kind of feeling about the place next year, and use it to our advantage. If we are to be successful, we need to ensure that people know that Widnes will be the toughest test they have on the road.”


The club has already expressed its desire to return to Super League at the first attempt next season, is securing promotion and hopefully making the step up something that motivated you to make the move?

"Since I’ve been in England, I’ve had talks with other clubs including Widnes, but at the time it never get over the line, and I was committed and happy at Halifax. However, I’m ready for this new challenge in my life.  

"I’ve never been full-time before, which is exciting, and is something new for me and I’m striving to play at this level. Widnes’ aim to get back into Super League and make that step up there was a motivator for me, and my personal challenge is to see how far I can go. Widnes have opened doors for me to be given these new opportunities in my life and I can’t wait to get going and show everyone what I have to offer." 

Adam Tangata's First Interview