James Rule Discusses 2019 Stronghold

James Rule Discusses 2019 Stronghold widnesvikings.co.uk

6th August 2018

Widnes Vikings CEO, James Rule, speaks following the launch of the Vikings’ 2019 Stronghold Membership packages…

We want to make sure that 2019 is a different season to this one. This has been a challenging time for all of us, so it is imperative that we lay foundations for a far better campaign next year. There are several reasons to be optimistic about what lays ahead of us – the signings of Anthony Gelling and Harrison Hansen, the potential for further arrivals, our young talent breaking into the side, and the long-term commitments of talismanic figures in our side, such as Gil Dudson and Matt Whitley. 

At Widnes Vikings, truly, every Member counts. The collective investment made by our community of Stronghold Members enables us to compete in the Super League and move forward.

We are reaching a pivotal stage of the year, not just as we navigate The Qualifiers but as we also prepare for 2019. By putting our 2019 Viking Stronghold Membership packages on sale now, we are asking our supporters to help give us the scope to bring fresh talent into the squad for next year and kick on.

It is important to us to offer our Members real value. Prices have been reduced, free finance is available and there are big discounts for signing up early – making 2019 Viking Stronghold Membership one of the cheapest season ticket packages in rugby league. Adults have the chance to secure a FREE Junior Membership for their children, if they sign up during August. There are big savings for available for people who choose to join our Dream Ticket lottery on an annual basis. 2019 Members enjoy more rewards than ever, with new discounts on businesses across Halton. In every aspect, we’ve stacked our 2019 Viking Stronghold Membership with exceptional value.

There’s no doubt about it, we know that it’s a big ask to invite people to sign up for Stronghold Membership at this stage of the season and on current form. However, we hope that our supporters will see the value of investing in our team during this window of opportunity to prepare for 2019, and recognise the unprecedented incentives for signing up early.

2019 can be the start of a new era. With several players coming off contract and retirements occurring, we have the potential to re-shape our squad and bring in fresh talent. Our young stars continue to break-through and are maturing for their experience in the Super League. 

We are working hard to bring investment into the club, through a variety of different mechanisms to assist us in ensuring we give our club every chance of fulfilling its potential as we retain key players and recruit new ones that can make a genuine difference to the team. By becoming a Stronghold member, you are making your personal investment into our cause and it is an investment we are very grateful for.

Be with us, as we aim to break from the past and reenergise this team. We are One Club and we are stronger together, so please take the step to help us build a brighter future for Widnes Vikings.  

Best wishes

James - VS123787

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James Rule Discusses 2019 Stronghold widnesvikings.co.uk