Gelling speaks for first time as a Viking

Gelling speaks for first time as a Viking

6th July 2018

As revealed exclusively to 2018 Viking Stronghold Members, Widnes Vikings have announced the signing of Anthony Gelling on a two-year deal for the 2019 season. The Vikings Media Team caught up with Anthony moments after signing the deal to get his thoughts on the big move…


Anthony, you’ve signed a two-year deal with Widnes Vikings. How are you feeling about this?

I’m buzzing to be joining the club! Looking at the guys who are already at the Vikings, along with those that have re-signed for the seasons ahead, I’m excited about this next chapter of my career. 

I’m really looking forward to the challenge to be honest. The club has real potential and has appealed to me, as a whole. The Vikings are feeling a little bruised at the moment, but that will change. I want to come in next year and help to make a huge difference. 


Do you know any of the lads that are here?

Yeah, I know some of the boys that are there, so I’ll settle in well. Whether that be through barbecues I’ve been at with some of them when I was over in the UK, or coming along and watching Widnes games, I’ve got to know a lot of the boys pretty well. 

Those boys are part of a really good squad. I know we’re looking to build on that moving into next year and I’m excited to be part of this.


You’ve been in regular contact with our CEO, James Rule, before signing for the club. Were you motivated by the vision he set out for the Vikings?

Definitely. He has spoken to me a lot about the big plans that the club has in place for the coming years and the potential here. It has made me really excited to be a part of the Vikings for the next couple of years.


You are already immensely popular with our supporters, with your blog at the start of the season going down really well with everyone. It must be a nice feeling to have seen the response from our Members and supporters? What was the reason for that blog?

At the time of writing it, I was looking to go into sports journalism, and it was good practice for me to write. That was just how I felt about the Vikings at the time, and it’s really interesting now that I have ended up joining the club for next year!

Widnes fans have been hounding me to join the club for years, so it looks like it has finally paid off! A lot of my mates have played for the club, and all said good things about it, so here I am as a Widnes player.


You will arrive at the Vikings from the New Zealand Warriors as one of the ‘older heads’ in the group, given our young and emerging squad. Are you looking to pass on things you have learned during your time in the game to those younger players?

With the places that I’ve been and games that I have played in, I’m sure there is plenty of experience and knowledge that I can pass on to the younger members of the squad. It’s important for me, as well as the other older heads in the group, to pass on what we can and keep developing. 

I’ve learnt a lot in the time that I’ve spent with the New Zealand Warriors. I know that I’ve still got a way to go in this current season, but this season has topped up what I had learned from coaches at the other clubs I’ve played for. I’ve definitely learned a lot in my time at the Warriors and I’m looking forward to sharing this with the lads.  


Finally, are you looking forward to getting out in front of our Members and supporters in 2019?

100%. The fans are so important to the club. If the fans aren’t at the games, there isn’t an atmosphere for us to jump on the back of. The loyalty of everyone who is staying behind the team really makes a difference.

We want to give the fans some entertaining rugby league and offer them something to look forward to when they turn up every week. I’m looking forward to wearing black and white next year!


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Gelling speaks for first time as a Viking