Liam Walsh Q&A

Liam Walsh Q&A

1st May 2018

Outstanding young second row, Liam Walsh, has signed a new three year deal with the club today. James Messenger sat down with Liam to discuss his introduction into the sport and his hopes for the season ahead…

What was your first experience of Rugby League as a youngster?

“It must’ve been when I was at school. I played football rather than rugby to be honest. My mates told me to try it out and said I’d be good at it, so I joined my local club, Halton Farnworth Hornets.”

 What was it that you enjoyed most about Rugby League as a sport?

“I think it was more competitive than other sports that I’ve played. I liked the physicality, because it was a lot harder and I enjoyed the bigger challenge.”

Who were your idols growing up?

“I only really watched Widnes, so I only used to go to their games! I liked some of the players who were playing in my position at the time, like Hep Cahill.”

How much guidance do you get off the senior players in and around the squad?

“The senior guys are great with the young lads. They get involved and give loads of advice. If you do something wrong in training or in a game, you can ask what you should have done and they’ll put you in the right place. You can really learn a lot from the experience that senior players pass on. It’s important that the players who are now establishing themselves carry this forward as we become more experienced, by passing our knowledge onto the other younger players coming through.”

How much of an honour is it to play for your hometown club?

“It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of doing ever since I was a little kid. I think that the Vikings’ pathway for the younger players is really strong. Last year, quite a few of the young lads played regularly in the first team, and I know that I have a chance to play if I’m training right and proving myself.”

As a young player, how important is it for you to take your chance when you get a shot in the matchday 17?

“It’s very important. You might only get that one chance in the year, perhaps if you come in because of injuries to someone, so you know that if you don’t perform, you won’t get picked again.    ”

What are your personal hopes for the current season?

“I just want to train hard and hopefully play as many games as possible for the first team or Academy. The aim is always to keep your place in the squad and gain experience. I want to work hard, not only for myself but for my team-mates too.”

Liam Walsh Q&A