Business of the Week - OM Contractors

Business of the Week - OM Contractors

16th November 2017

During each week of the close-season, Widnes Vikings will showcase a business that has pledged their support to the Club in the 2018 season. Meet Tony O'Rourke from our Business of this Week, OM Contractors…

For those who may not know, tell us a bit about your business….

OM Contractors is a groundworks company, based in Widnes. We’ve been involved with the industry for about 30 years, so we are very skilled and experienced. 

We’ve been established for about two years and have worked with Football Clubs such as Oldham Athletic on their new stand, and other work has been coming quick and fast. It’s a busy time, but a very good time for us!

What makes your company special?

Our staff have qualifications for different aspects of the industry and every person that comes on board is professional and certified. As a company, we have the capacity and the skill to deliver any project, with staff members possessing various qualifications and certifications. 

The quality of work that we produce is paramount to us and we pride ourselves on it. We also strive to find different ways of doings things and always provide a good service. 

What was it that made you first get involved with the Vikings,?

I’m born and bred a Widnes lad, and I’ve been a huge fan throughout my life. I’ve been to Wembley and a number of finals with the likes of Mick Adams, and they’re all great memories. Widnes is in my blood. 

We have been upstairs in hospitality and we supported the St Helens last year game as Executive Match Sponsors. It was great for us to take people who were not into Rugby League along and introduce them to the sport. So when the opportunities arose to get more involved with the Club, we had to take them.

You are also a Pathway Patron. Did you feel an importance to be a part of the Club’s Outstanding Academy?

We did! We attended an event where James Rule and Phil Finney spoke about the aims for the Vikings youth system. It was good to hear the background story of the Club and the effort involved that aren’t always seen. It was important to me to get involved and try and help Widnes keep the youngsters they have coming through. I love the thought of this business helping the Club to develop its young talent.

You have also signed up to be the player sponsor for Danny Craven in 2018, It is your first time sponsoring a player, so are you looking forward to working with Danny?

Danny is a talented player and seems like a good person too, so I’m excited to sponsor him. I’m looking forward to meeting Danny soon, to introduce him to our business and get to know him. I’m sure sponsorship will be great publicity for us as a business.

Business of the Week - OM Contractors