'Player' programme a success

'Player' programme a success widnesvikings.co.uk

5th October 2016

The Vikings’ ‘Player’ programme was once again a roaring success on Friday evening at the Select Security Stadium.

The 'Player' programme, which is delivered with Halton Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG), Mind Halton, 5 Boroughs every Friday night from the Select Security stadium, is a project using physical activity as a supportive tool to engage adults with mental health issues. ‘Player’ uses sport as the hook to support the development of new social networks for the participants.

Dan Rawlinson, who had brought clients to the programme on Friday evening from the Brooker Centre at Halton General Hospital, spoke of the benefits that ‘Player’ has on those that partake in the session.

“It’s working out really well,” he said.

“We bring a couple of clients each week and this gets them away from the ward. It gets them to a place where they don’t normally get access to, such as the players’ gym and the I-Pitch, so it’s been really useful for clients at the Brooker Centre.

“I can only speak for the clients that I particularly bring to the programme but for them it’s been very successful and useful. It has some many advantages such as interacting with different people, it’s great for self esteem and the exercise is great as well for all the chemical reasons and i can’t tell you how much it does for their self esteem so it’s been really good.”

Adam Daniels, Health and Physical Activity coach at Widnes Vikings, believes the 'Player' programme is a superb programme that can have a huge number of advantages to taking part in it every week.

"The 'Player' programme is a unique opportunity for individuals to receive first hand support from Widnes Vikings," he said.

"The sessions are varied to suit the need if everyone who attends, with an emphasis on improving physical, mental & emotional well-being. 'Player' gives individuals the chance to interact one to one and receive extensive support from us in terms of improving lifestyle choice.

"After the session, everyone is invited to come and socialise tea or coffee. This is fantastic opportunity for people to have that social interaction and enjoy being in other peoples company, the group we have at 'Player' are brilliant and we always welcome people who wish to come along."

'Player' programme a success widnesvikings.co.uk