Westfield Game Changer Success

Westfield Game Changer Success widnesvikings.co.uk

28th September 2016

Widnes Vikings 'Game Changer' initiative is already becoming a success at Westfield Primary School in Runcorn.

The 'Game Changer' initiative is working across 36 primary schools in Halton across the 2016/17 academic year, targeting over 3,000 children. Delivered across a 24-week monitoring period, boys and girls in years 2–4 will receive 12 weeks of focused support from Vikings coaches and players through completing a combination of practical fundamentals, multi skills, and multi sport activities and classroom activities based around healthy eating.

As part of their contribution the scheme, participating schools will commit to unlocking an extra 15 minutes of physical activity every day through their own innovative ideas and thus complete their ‘Game Changer’ pledges.

The project is the result of a strategic collaboration between Widnes Vikings, Halton Borough Council, Halton Clinical Commissioning Group, Halton Borough Council, Liverpool John Moore University Centre for Public Health, and Sopra Steria.

On Wednesday morning, the Vikings visited Westfield Primary school for Week Two of the programme, with reviews from the staff at the school being hugely positive.

Kirstie Craig, the Y3 teacher at Westfield primary school spoke about how much the children in her class are already enjoying Game Changer, and also spoke of the benefits that the initiative has in terms of linking in to what the school as a whole are trying to promote.

“The children seem really engaged, interested, and hugely active and we’re only in week two,” she said.

“You can see they’re already happy to go and get changed and come out and do the activities put on by the Vikings. We have scheduled PE lessons also, but this is just something extra on top and they’re all really enjoying the programme.”

“I think the initiative is great, as it also ties in with a few of the things we have been promoting in the classroom in terms of healthy eating in Science lessons and PHSE so it fits in perfectly with what we’re trying to collectively do as a school.

Adam Daniels, Health and Physical Activity Coach at Widnes Vikings, believes that he can already see the benefits that the children are receiving from partaking in the initiative.

“I think it’s been really beneficial towards the children, as they’re being exposed to physical activity and having the opportunity to work with the likes of myself and Joe,” he said.

“ We’ve brought in new initiatives such as the bleep test and hand grip, to get the children’s baseline scores and all of them have come back this week wanting to do the bleep test again which is impressive for us and shows what the programme can do.”

“Without doubt it’s really important to do these kinds of initiatives. The National Child Measurement survey that was conducted two years showed that something needed to be done in Halton so this initiative with the Vikings, Halton CCG and the other partners involved in the project, it’s a big striving force to improving physical fitness across the borough.”

Westfield Game Changer Success widnesvikings.co.uk