Entering the Stadium

  • The management reserves the right to refuse entry to the Stadium for any reason.
  • Persons seeking entry to the Stadium may be required to submit to a search.
  • Alcohol, cans, bottles, klaxon horns, fireworks, dogs and dangerous articles must not be brought into the stadium.
  • People with disabilities will be given special assistance where practicable.


  • All persons in the stadium must follow any instructions given or displayed by the management (which in these Ground Rules includes the police, stewards and security staff as well as loud speaker and scoreboard announcements)
  • CCTV cameras are in use in and around the Stadium and images may be used by the management (and passed on to third parties) for any purpose.
  • All persons entering the Stadium shall be deemed to agree to be bound by these Ground Rules.

Inside the Stadium

The management wishes to ensure that everyone in the Stadium has an enjoyable and safe experience. 

Consequently, the following is prohibited:-

  • Invading the pitch.
  • Consuming alcohol in the seated viewing areas during match events except in designated areas.
  • Use of racist, obscene, abusive, threatening or offensive language or conduct.
  • Throwing any missile, object or article onto the pitch or anywhere else.
  • Damage to Stadium property.
  • Behaviour in a manner which disrupts the comfort, enjoyment or safety of others.
  • Persistent standing in the seated viewing areas.
  • Smoking anywhere within the Stadium. The use of electronic cigarettes is also forbidden.

Select Security Stadium Halton


There are currently no fixtures

Terms and Conditions

1) Your Widnes Vikings Stronghold Membership Card will grant you access to the Select Security Stadium on match days at your relevant turnstile and stand via the swipe card entry system.

2) Replacement cards will be issued with a surcharge of £10 per card. Widnes Vikings holds the right to refuse a replacement card at their discretion.

3) You must bring your Stronghold Membership Card to every match to be granted access to the Select Security Stadium. There will no access for supporters without a Stronghold Card. Your Stronghold Card must be swiped at the correct turnstile in front of the turnstile operator. Should there be a problem with this process, such as the card not working due to damage or restricted access, it is at the turnstile operator's discretion to not allow access to the ground. Should this occur, you are asked to visit the Select Security Stadium Ticket Office. Matters of this nature are not to be discussed on the turnstile and will be dealt with only at the Ticket Office.

4) The Stronghold Card is only valid in its original form. No copies, printed or photographic versions of this Card will be accepted.

5) Dates and times for the kick-off of each match will be announced by the club via the website, press releases and in the match day programme. Dates and kick-off times may be subject to change.

6) The Stronghold Card must be produced on demand and must be available for inspection at all matches where the Stronghold Card has been used to gain admission to the Stadium.

7) All Widnes Vikings Stronghold Members agree to abide by the ground regulations. Any Stronghold Card holder found guilty of breaking the ground regulations or acting in a manner the club considers to be detrimental to the club's interest will have their Stronghold Membership Card confiscated and be banned from attending future games involving Widnes Vikings. No refunds will be issued.

8) The use of your Stronghold Membership Card is restricted solely to the named person. This card cannot be shared or sold. In this instance, the Stronghold Card in question will be withdrawn from the Select Security Stadium admission system and confiscated. No refunds will be issued.

9) Any change of address or personal details should be notified by contacting Widnes Vikings on 0151 495 2250 or by emailing membership@widnesvikings.co.uk

10) No Stronghold Membership Card shall constitute or imply any guarantee or entitlement to gain entry into non-league home fixtures involving Widnes Vikings. However, Widnes Vikings may provide the opportunity for advanced booking benefits for Stronghold Membership Card holders.

11) A junior is anyone aged 16 or below at the time of purchase. A Concession is anybody aged 65 or over at the time of purchase, or a student is anyone aged 16 or over in full-time education and you have a valid NUS card to provide proof of age and status. If your card does not state that you are in full time education, you will need a letter of authenticity from your college or university.

12) Junior Stronghold Members can use their away vouchers to gain free away entry into Super League regular season fixtures. Opposition clubs can provide free away tickets for junior Stronghold Member holders on a match day, at their discretion. Widnes Vikings advise, for the avoidance of any doubt, that junior Stronghold Members should collect in advance from Widnes Vikings Store when possible.

13) It is not possible to cancel or refund Stronghold Memberships purchased in advance of the season and paid for in full.

14) Any Stronghold Member paying by direct debit who wishes to cancel their Membership, will have their Membership card cancelled at the time they advise of their cancellation. Should any member wish to re-join the scheme, they have the option of re-joining at the same price but will have to pay a one off re-joining fee of £79.99 or alternatively can re-join at the applicable rate as directed by the club.