Welcome to ‘Vikings Voice', a new organisation formed to represent the views of Vikings fans - whether they be long-standing, lapsed or new, regular or occasional, live locally or further afield.

With a broad base of skills and experience ‘Vikings Voice' is a totally independent organisation designed to work with, and on behalf of, the club's fan base. This newly formed group has agreed a direct communications channel with CEO James Rule through which fans can raise issues or queries that concern Widnes Vikings or the Stobart Stadium Halton.

In addition to forming this direct link with the club ‘Vikings Voice' will be running events, either independently or in conjunction with the club, throughout the year, details of which will be made available via the club's official web-site and the local media. It is expected to announce details of the first of these in the near future.

The committee members are Marcus Booth, Anton Freeman, Mike Healing, Katie Scutt, Deb and Ian Townsend, Steve Walsh-O'Neill and Chris Whitfield, while we will also be joined by a representative of the players' wives. With the ability to draw on collective experience of business, grass roots rugby league, sponsorship, stadium operations, heritage and a varied age profile we aim to act positively for the benefit and enjoyment of all Widnes fans. We recently held our first meeting with James Rule at which the following issues, among others, were discussed and are currently being investigated by the Chief Executive and other relevant parties:


*Programme availability pre-match and at half-time.

*Concourse catering stocks and availability

*Cleanliness and rubbish collection in the North Stand


Following further discussions the Chief Executive outlined his proposal, in response to requests from a large number of fans, to assess the viability of some sections of the North Stand being designated for ‘reserved seating'.

All issues raised by you, the fans of Widnes Vikings will be taken up by ‘Vikings Voice' and an answer obtained from the appropriate person within Widnes Vikings or Halton Borough Council. Replies will then be conveyed to the originator through ‘Vikings Voice', and where appropriate the content of a reply may be made generally available. The only caveat to this arrangement is that all queries are raised in a respectful manner and are not anonymous.


Contact us by e-mail at: or by post to Vikings Voice, c/o Select Security Stadium, Lowerhouse Lane, Widnes, WA8 7DZ


The Viking Quid's In scheme, better known as VIQI, was set up on the 10th anniversary of arguably the clubs most successful night when they beat Canberra Raiders at Old Trafford and collected the World Club Challenge Trophy.

The scheme has raised over £150,000 since its inception. I am keen to lay all thanks to the huge number of fans who have and continue to support the scheme in their hundreds.

At its height when the club was promoted to Super League the scheme had over 500 members and based on this number would have seen the scheme raise somewhere in the region of £26,000 per year.

All VIQI subscriptions are in the form of Standing Orders, these are payable on either a weekly, monthly, half yearly or annual basis. All payments to the Widnes Vikings Club are made by cheque and have to be signed by myself and a second signature, either the Chairman or Secretary of the Widnes Vikings Supporters Club. This procedure ensures all transactions are undertaken both openly and transparently in conjunction with the Widnes Vikings Supporters Club.

It's important that you respond and react to this article if the scheme is to continue to be successful and also if you want your club to kick on to bigger and better things.

As with most things, no help generally arrives until something drastic happens then everyone rallies round, we need to break that mould and start providing that help now to ensure we continue to move forward as a self sustainable club.

Fans can join by printing off the Standing Order form or setting up the payment using the deatils below. 

The Signed form can be sent to Widnes Vikings c/o VIQI, Select Security Stadium, Lowerhouse Lane, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 7DZ.

Alternatively, forms can be picked up at the Club.


Standing Order Form  


If you would like to sign up online and if your bank allows you to set up electronic standing orders, then you can set up an online payment:  

1. If you would prefer to do it this way, all the information you should require is listed below:

a. Account Name: Vikings Quids In

b. Branch if required: HSBC, Broseley House Branch

c. Sort Code: 40-46-31

d. Account No: 51302132

e. Reference: Send an email to and request a VIQI Ref No.  

f. Finally we need you to confirm your electronic Standing Order start date and method of payment i.e. weekly, quarterly, etc remembering to quote your VIQI Ref with any communications and again send to the following email address:  

g. Doing this will ensure our records remain up to date.

Download the form here

Jason Shaw VIQI